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R&D projects


Thermal Spraying of Nanophased Powders

Injection Moulding of Titanium Powders for Biomedical Applications

Rapid Manufacturing of Titanium Implants


Integration of the Security Sub-Modules Elements in the Automotive Industry

Nanostructured Thermally Sprayed Magnetic Coatings for Microwave Absorption Applications

New Generation of Aeronautical Bearings for Extreme Environmental Constraints

Development of the New Thermal Spraying Equipment and Technology for Production of Components for Marine Transport Engines

Development of Load—Bearing Fibre Reinforced Composite Based Non—Metallic Biomimetic Bone Implants

Aerosol Technologies and Hierarchical Assembly / Manufacturing for Advanced Nano—Structured Porous Materials          



injection moulding of titanium powders  for biomedical applications



Contract Number:FP6-2005-CRAFT-017991
Type of Project: FP6-Cooperative research for SMEs
Duration: 24 Months (2005-2007)


1.Fundacion Inasmet (Spain), 2.Erothitan Titanium Implants S.A. (Germany), 3.Dena System Bk Ltd (UK), 4.SC Technoton S.A. (Romania), 5.Little John, Sons DTS International (UK), 6.Fraunhofer-Gesselshaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Germany), 7.Tecnicas de inyeccion SA (Spain), 8.National Technical University of Athens (Greece), 9.National and Kapodestrian University of Athens (Greece), 10.Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), 11.Technical University ‘Gh.Asahi’ IASI (Romania), 12.Pyrogenesis SA (Greece)



The main objective of BIOTIP project is to develop the appropriate Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) technology for Titanium processing, employing a novel atomized Ti powder of perfect sphericity for manufacturing high quality biomedical implant devices meeting the stringent standards imposed for this kind of materials in a cost-effective way. The research in this project will focus on the optimization of a breakthrough plasma atomization process for the cost effective production of a high-quality Ti powder and the optimization of the process for the production of high quality Ti components using the MIM technology. The BIOTIP project is structured in the following work packages:


1. Definition of materials, process and implants requirements

2. Development, optimisation and manufacturing of the required powders

3. Processing studies

4. Prototype implant design and mould manufacturing

5. Implants industrial development

6. Implants evaluation

7. Exploitation and dissemination of results

8. Project coordination and management


Pyrogenesis is active in all work packages of the project, excluding work packages 4 and 6. Its main task is to optimize a unique technology, developed by Pyrogenesis, for the production of fine spherical titanium powders suitable for MIM. The company also has a Project Coordinator role assisted by the specialized company BPM SA.



Schematic diagram of the plasma atomization process and
photo of the three plasma torches